Who We Are/Who You Are

Who We Work With
We seek to work with artists, activists, community based groups and organizations, social leaders, media makers, collectives, cooperatives, educational institutions, government agencies, and socially aware businesses and corporations.

Who We Are
Making Waves coaches and consultants are professional trainers, grant writers, personal coaches, and practitioners focused on education and empowerment of our clients, through individual and organizational leadership coaching, strategic planning, facilitation, supported self-study, strategic communications and social media marketing, campaign planning, and organizational development based on the needs, goals, and vision of those we work with.

Coop Model Consulting Group
Each coach and/or consultant runs their own practice under the mission, values, and philosophy of Making Waves, while sharing the expenses of marketing and running a small business. We can work collaboratively as well as our different practices compliment one another. If your interested in joining our coop consulting group contact Gunner Scott.